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IdenticonResultFromValue Method

Creates an IdenticonResult instance with a hash of the specified object.

Namespace:  Jdenticon.AspNet.WebApi
Assembly:  Jdenticon.AspNet.WebApi.dll
public static IdenticonResult FromValue(
	Object value,
	int size,
	ExportImageFormat format = ExportImageFormat.Png,
	string hashAlgorithmName = "SHA1"


Type: SystemObject
The string representation of this object will be hashed and used as base for this icon. Null values are supported and handled as empty strings.
Type: SystemInt32
The size of the icon in pixels.
format (Optional)
Type: JdenticonExportImageFormat
The format of the generated icon.
hashAlgorithmName (Optional)
Type: SystemString
The name of the hash algorithm to use for hashing.

Return Value

Type: IdenticonResult
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